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    How are you different to recruitment agencies?

    There are many differences, particularly the way we engage with our customers and share information with you from the outset. We have recruitment expertise within the FMCG and Consumer Industries but will operate under your branding in most instances. In replicating an in-house service, we spend time on-site with our customers and deliver a full range of talent attraction capability that incorporates both reactive and proactive campaigns.

    You know what talent is in process - and from which companies - throughout each project. Additional services such as competitor and niche salary surveys and strategic hiring advice are available at no extra cost.

    Further advantages include full market coverage on each vacancy, transparency on recruitment expenditure, significantly shorter hiring times and full control over how your business is represented throughout.

    How much does your solution cost?

    Every customer requires a bespoke solution, because the cliché that every company is different holds true. Factors such as the seniority of talent required and hiring frequency do have a slight bearing. However, as a given, we save our customers thousands of pounds per hire in comparison with typical recruitment agency fees.

    Why are you much cheaper than a recruitment agency?

    Because traditional recruitment ('contingency') is an inefficient way of hiring. An agency has to charge you excessive fees because you are paying for all the businesses who do not hire through them.

    We do not use a fee-per-placement model; instead we supply an unlimited number of hires over a specific period of time for a fixed fee. The efficiencies created enable our customers to reduce their average cost per hire. Helping us to align our objectives more closely with yours.

    What happens when we start working with Spirit?

    We believe it makes sense for customers to trial our service on a small number of roles in the first instance. The trial will include commitments, milestones and targets for each hire, full data sharing and full cost transparency.

    Once we have delivered on-time and in-full, we will work with you to tailor our services to meet your medium to long term hiring needs.

    What happens when I am not hiring?

    Our service is on-demand, so you only pay for our services when you need them.